Procurement Services

We have a wide selection of products and services and can deliver them quickly and efficiently.

Procurement Services

Procurement Services

The Exchange Technology Service Inventory Centre is a one-stop shop for all your IT needs. We have a wide selection of products and services and can deliver them quickly and efficiently.

Procurement Services

The success of our clients is the driving force behind everything we do. We take great pride in the strong relationships we have built and the results we have achieved together. Browse our client testimonials to gain insight into the value and dedication we bring to every project.

Our dedication to providing exceptional services has not gone unnoticed. We are proud to have received numerous accolades from our industry peers, acknowledging our expertise, creativity, and consistent ability to deliver outstanding results.

On-Site Provisioning

Optimize your IT inventory with our on-hand asset management services. We keep diverse IT assets readily available, ensuring quick response times and minimal downtime. Our experts handle procurement, delivery, and efficient supply chain management, saving you time and resources.

Warehouse Solutions

Gain instant access to a vast IT equipment inventory through our warehouse solutions. We maintain a large stock of hardware, software, and  peripherals ready for immediate delivery. With flexible leasing and financing  options, acquiring the IT solutions you need is easier and more  cost-effective for your SMB.

On-Hand Asset Management

Streamline your IT inventory with our on-hand asset management  services. Access diverse IT assets, from computers and printers to servers  and networking equipment. Experience quick response times and minimal  downtime for your business. Our proactive approach ensures you have the right  tools to keep operations running smoothly.

Purchasing and Supplying: Source  the Best IT Deals

Secure the best IT deals with our expert purchasing team. Navigate  the market to find competitive prices and top-quality IT equipment. We handle  the entire procurement process, from supplier selection to negotiation,  ensuring cost efficiency and timely delivery. Trust our logistics experts to  manage the supply chain, providing your IT equipment arrives on schedule and  in pristine condition.

Setup and Delivery

Simplify your implementation with our  design and delivery service. Our team handles installation, configuration,  network setup, and software integration. We ensure your IT equipment is fully  operational and customized to your needs. Our trainers empower your staff  with comprehensive instruction for maximum technology utilization—experience  hassle-free implementation with us.

On-Site IT Support

Address IT issues and concerns with our  on-site IT support. Our expert team offers comprehensive troubleshooting, system upgrades, and tailored assistance for your SMB. Stay focused on your  core business while we handle your IT challenges promptly and efficiently. Get reliable assistance at your fingertips with Exchange Technology Service.

Make technology an asset, not a liability.

Training Center


Entrust your team with a tailored technology training programs.

Training Center
Disaster Recovery Solutions


Disaster Recovery Solutions

Disaster Recovery Solutions

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