Managed IT Solutions

Every business is unique, so we curated 5 managed IT plans to suit the needs of most small to medium organizations.

Each plan is then uniquely tailored to each business.


Ensures that the basic needs of the network are addressed on a regular and proactive basis.


Server and computer technical support, application troubleshooting, managed escalations, and dedicated IT resources.

solution guide

Which Total IT plan is best for my organization?

We are looking for a flat rate solution that includes ongoing support for all aspects of the network, including the cost of installing new computers and printers.
Onsite support isn’t usually required, and when it is we will pay for it by the hour
Our business is struggling with paper-based processes, we are looking for a service that can help take us to the next level.
We are tired of getting big bills for the same problems every month
We have basic needs but when we call tech support our IT guy doesn’t call us back for days. We would like a solution that allows us to call in and speak to someone who knows our environment.
Our current support vendor charges us a monthly retainer for technical support but we never know what is done. We like flat rate support but want greater visibility to what is going on.
The Anti-Virus software we use is never up to date and security is always on our minds. We want someone to take care of this for us.
We always seem to be missing patches and updates, and will pay for technical support on-demand.
Our team needs better ways to collaborate and share but we need assistance getting started on the right footing.

Nationwide Monitoring

You can't run a business on downtime

The Managed Service Desk Team is our proactive approach to mitigating potential problems before they occur. This leaves you to focus on your core competency, which is running your business.

Exchange Tech Service Desk Workspace


Security Operations Centre

Our Network Operations Center reduces downtime by using remote service from a centralized command centre. This allows us to promptly find solutions for the following:

  • Asset configuration and change management
  • Patching, monitoring, and alerting
  • 24/7 support for critical devices
  • Automation and response (manual quick fixes take ~15 minutes)
  • Escalation and customer service
  • SLA/OLA (Service/ops. level agreement

IT assessments

Most companies lack cyber insurance and are unprepared for cyber attacks. Take our free IT self-assessment to learn more.

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