Rentable space & Training

Shared workspace & custom training programs

Rent a Space

We offer two spaces to our clients and partners. A 10-person boardroom and a computer lab with 20 Office 365-equipped workstations

ETS Instructor Led Training

ETS instructor-led training programs are custom-made to improve your team's technological skills and application proficiency.

Lunch & Learns

An enjoyable, and efficient approach to get your staff out of the office and learning. Bring your own lunch or request catering arranged by ETS.

Exchange Tech Facilities


Check out the ETS Facilities calendar below and fill out the contact form to request available dates.

Fill out the form to submit your training facility request.

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Have another question?

Can we request early or extended access to the facility?

We will do our best to accommodate your group, but due to limited personnel availability, we can only offer Monday through Friday time slots between 8:30am and 5:30pm.

Can we use our own catering service?

We are happy to provide catering for your team, but we understand if you'd rather take care of this yourself. Be sure to indicate so in your reservation request.

Looking for Parking?

The parking lot capacity at the training site is restricted. Across the street, in the perimeter aviation parking lot, is an overflow parking area that attendees can park in with an ETS parking pass. Parking passes are available at our front desk or with your group coordinator.

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