Analytics, applications & web development 

We help build data analytics solutions so you can get more value out of your data assets and solve hard to manage business problems with technology.

Our Services

Data Analytics

Increase efficiency and profitability

Our data analytics can help you become more efficient and profitable by measuring your current operations and identifying areas that need improvement. We do this by running various tests on your data, which allows us to make some (if not all) of the following improvements:

  • Quicker turnaround while generating reports 
  • Greatly reduced labour while generating reports 
  • Self-service reporting 
  • Reduced error 
  • Higher transparency 
  • Automation 
  • Moving multiple data sources into a one-stop-shop 
  • Better data governance 
  • More insightful data and data accessibility

Our Services

Web & Application development

We can help you drive business and technology changes that will transform your organization.

We’ve already done this for many dynamic businesses by supporting:

  • Digital transformation
  • Business intelligence
  • Automation
  • App/web development
  • Cost optimization
  • Launching new brands and products

So how do we do this?

Our team specializes in learning about your business, your data, and your systems so we can help you use them more effectively. We use the following tools for business intelligence and analytics to help you make sense of your data:

  • Web development
  • PowerApps
  • Web Apps
  • Application development

We work on improving the following:

  • Data Acquisition: Data capture and generation
  • Accessible and mobile systems, tools, and apps 
  • Digitization of paper and manual processes/workflows 
  • Improved collaboration and utilization of systems/tools 
  • Highly customized and light weight options
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